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Dan Katongole Male
Single Christian
33 Uganda

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Yes Yes
Under 1 Year Yes
Yes Yes
Yes 2 years - 10 years
English Yes

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26-04-2016 26-04-2016
3 months 24 months
i worked with children for almost two years helping them improve their oral english in china, so atleast i know how to deal with foreign children. i was dealing with kids btn 3 years to 15 years. i have a good sense of care for children, i love it when they are happy that makes me happy. also i'm also a positive person so i want impact that mentality in children. also i would like to change environment. i'm a very diverse person who loves new cultures and languages. i can speak a bit of mandarin which i easily learnt when i was in china.
Switzerland Australia
Finland no
5 Any
Yes N/A
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