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Rezel Salfamones Female
Single Christian
21 Phillipines

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Yes Yes
Dont have Yes
Yes Yes
Yes 1 month - 12 years old
English Yes

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20-04-2016 20-04-2016
12 months 24 months
In my younger age i have to helped my parents to took care my lil brother since birth. After my highschool i took care my cousin with a special needs,i am the one who took care of him when he was a baby, i brought him to school,feed him, tok him a bath,play with him so he will be happy . Moreover i am able to do baby siitting,housekeeping and cooking. Now that im living with my sister im helping her to do householdschores and taking care my two nieces. In my province i had a job as a caregiver before but its sad the old lady was died. In addition when i was in my province i spend a lot of time of my neighbor baby,i help my neighbor to take care their baby while they are busy. I love baby sitting children,play with them,go out and take a walk to have fresh air,reading books,sing with them til they feel asleep. I apply this job because i want to help my family,second is i want to explore and learn new things about the country. I am open-minded, energetic,well-mannered,tidy,easy going, responsible and like to hanging out with family and friends,riding bike,dancing,singing,cooking and eating,i am a friendly person. after being an aupiar i would like to continue my studies and pursue my dreams.
Denmark Norway
1 A Capital City
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