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Edith Nabwire Female
Single Pentecostal
25 Uganda

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Dont have Yes
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Yes 0_10
English Yes

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15-03-2016 15-03-2016
18 months 24 months
I am Edith and have worked as a up air in my country Uganda for three years and have experience in looking after children for example helping children with school work or homework ,playing with the children because I am sporty,checking children's temperature and making sure they are fine ,playing a role of a mother by keeping them happy when parents have gone to work,picking the chindren from school,riding up their rooms and playing places ,preparing their meals teaching reading them bed time stories , experience in first aid when injured like burns and drowning,helping out with house work, bathing , doing landuary,getting along with family members and also the children. I want to become a up air due the experience I have in children , the love I have for children ,my personality I love learning cultures of other people,leaving with different people ,helping people,I am a honest person ,loving ,caring ,sporty person ,have a good sense of humour ,harding working and since my child hood I have loved children and helping them out at school and never wanted to see a child suffering and being toutured.
United Kingdom Norway
United States of America no i don't have
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