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Kainara Hüttemann Female
Single No Religion
19 Germany

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Yes Yes
Dont have Yes
Yes Yes
English,German,Spanish Yes

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27-02-2016 27-02-2016
5 months 6 months
Most of my friends have little siblings, which means I've always been around children like I was their big sister. Basically, I've been a ''surrogate'' big sister my whole life. I decided to be an Au pair because my friend once told me about this and I thought that being able to learn a new language while engaging with children seems like an awesome idea to spend these next few months. I love kids and I love making them happy and trying to help them with their daily struggles, because I know how hard it can be to be a child because you think no one takes you seriously. I'm looking forward to living in a complete different world; I'm from a small town, so a big city is obviously something exciting. I'm also looking forward to finally be able to do something other than studying and to get to spend more times with children because I've always wanted younger siblings (I'm the little one).
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